George Clooney Allegedly tied the knot for the second time with Amal Clooney

It is claimed that recently George and Amal Clooney had their second wedding in Italy. New Idea claimed in its August 2 issue that George and Amal invited some of their family members and close friends to attend the wedding.

The source was unable to provide actual proof but they claimed that Amal’s white dress was what gave away the couple’s unproven wedding.

The source said, “Word on the street is that it was a vow renewal, but it also looked like they had something extra to announce. She definitely looked like she had a baby bump.”

The couple has not been living together because of their careers. And they were celebrating something important while they were hanging out publicly in Italy.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if they renewed their vows to celebrate coming through it all. And if she’s pregnant, they’d be overjoyed. The twins have been pestering her for another sibling,” an insider told.

Some tabloids alleged, years ago, that Amal was proposed by George again after the couple got into a fiery argument.

Some tabloids insisted that Amal managed to convince George to have more children and is pregnant with baby number three.

Many months have passed, if she was really pregnant then, she would’ve already given birth by now. It proves that the claims are incorrect. Also, George and Amal have only been married once.

The source, Entertain times claims, Didier Bremond officially welcomed the couple into the neighborhood.

“Welcome to Brignoles! It’s now official, George and Amal Clooney are residents of our beautiful community. I have had the pleasure of meeting them, by their invitation, at Domaine du Canadel, where they will soon set down their suitcases,” Bremond said.

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