Camilla persuaded Prince Charles to not bestow the title of Duke of Edinburgh on Prince Edward: Rumor

Because of Camilla, Prince Charles is said to have chosen not to give Prince Edward the title of Duke of Edinburgh when he ascends the throne.

There are rumors that once Prince Charles is proclaimed king, Camilla wants the spotlight to be on her and her spouse. – according to Life & Style.

“Edward, as the only other male sibling, is her husband’s biggest competition,” the source said.

Two years ago, Prince Andrew stepped away from his royal duties. It’s also unknown whether he’ll ever return.

Camilla’s concern that Prince Edward would outshine Prince Charles

The source claimed, when Prince Edward takes over Prince Philip’s title, Camilla is concerned that he will exert too much effort and influence on the royal family.

Prince Charles difficulty being king

“It would make sense, as she’s involved in a lot of Charles’ decision-making. No one would be surprised if she’s trying to push out whoever she can in order to gain control and shine,” the report said.

Camilla influenced Prince Charles

Micky states that according to the source, Prince Charles wouldn’t even consider getting back on his word about giving the title to Prince Edward if it wasn’t for Camilla. After all, he purportedly promised Prince Philip before his death that he would carry out his commitment.

“Charles certainly wasn’t this cut-throat and coldhearted a few years ago. He has caused quite a stir at the palace. To say that Edward is appalled is an understatement. He’s fuming and feels frozen out,” according to the source.

Queen Elizabeth takes a stance

However, not bestowing the royal title to Prince Edward is a step in the right way for the successor to the throne. After all, he wants a more streamlined monarchy. This is something that Queen Elizabeth, allegedly, supports. However, the king still thinks that her eldest son doesn’t have any right to not give the royal title to Prince Edward.

  • The rumors have been disclosed, there is nothing final with regards to the title. There are chances that the title will still be given to Prince Edward.
  • According to the source, Micky, it’s also to be noted that the decision has nothing to do with Camilla because, in the end, Prince Charles will make the final decision.

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