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Kelly Osbourne Reveals Near-Death Experience: ‘I Almost Died’

During a candid family discussion on “The Osbournes Podcast,” Kelly Osbourne shared a chilling near-death experience caused by her brother Jack Osbourne when they were younger. The incident, which Kelly vividly recalled, involved Jack accidentally shooting her with a pellet gun, sending her to the hospital with a severe injury.

The episode, recorded with their parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, on April 23, shed light on the siblings’ tumultuous relationship. Despite the serious nature of the incident, the conversation initially took a lighter tone as Sharon clarified that Jack had used a pellet gun. However, the gravity of the situation became apparent when Kelly described the pellet piercing her leg completely.

“It went straight through my leg and out the other side,” Kelly revealed, emphasizing the intensity of the pain, which she likened to a hot poker burning through her flesh. The incident not only caused immediate physical pain but also a harrowing experience at a small English hospital where the wound was treated under less-than-ideal conditions.

“It was this tiny hospital in the middle of nowhere England in the ’90s. Their X-ray machine wasn’t working. So, they got this long Q-tip and wrapped it in gauze and dipped it in iodine and poked it through the hole to make sure that there was no bits [of pellet] still [inside my leg],” she recalled as her brother made pained noises.

Jack acknowledged the potential lethality of pellet guns during the podcast, adding a serious note to the discussion by reminding everyone, “You can still kill someone with a pellet gun.” This acknowledgment highlighted the dangers of what might seem like a minor weapon.

The podcast episode provided a rare glimpse into the personal lives and past troubles of the Osbourne family, showing a different side of their public personas. The family’s dynamic, often seen as unconventional, includes not just the ups and downs of celebrity life but also genuine moments of fear and pain.

As the family recounted and reacted to the incident, it became clear that these shared experiences, no matter how harrowing, have shaped their strong familial bonds and ability to address past grievances openly. The episode was a profound reminder of the unexpected dangers that can occur in any family, bringing to light the importance of safety and caution even in seemingly playful situations.

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