Mike Wolo
Credit: Mike Wolo

I Was Crushed by a 10,000lb Concrete Slab and Died for 6 Minutes – My Eye Was Blown Out and Friends Held My Skull Together

Mike Wolo, a 52-year-old from Massachusetts, endured a life-altering incident while working as a kitchen designer when a 10,000-pound slab of concrete unexpectedly crashed down on him, compressing his face to a mere three inches in width and displacing his eye. This catastrophic accident occurred over two decades ago when Mike, then 32, was helping a friend transport granite slabs. Despite his initial reluctance, Mike had agreed to assist, unaware of the danger that awaited him.

The tragedy unfolded inside an open trailer as a crane operator began maneuvering the massive stone slab. Before it was fully airborne, the slab fell, pinning Mike’s head against the wall and causing severe, disfiguring injuries. Witnesses described the horrific scene, comparing Mike’s crushed head to a “mushroom ready to erupt.” Unable to locate his mouth due to the disfigurement, his friends desperately held his skull together, attempting to manage the profuse bleeding and maintain his vital functions.

In those critical moments, Mike’s heart stopped, and his limp body hung against the wall, creating a frantic and dire situation for the bystanders. His friends, thrown into an emergency medical role, worked to stabilize him until help could arrive. They held his skull fragments in place, effectively keeping him alive until he could be airlifted to a hospital, reported The Sun.

Given a mere two percent chance of survival, Mike was initially viewed by medical professionals more as an organ donor than a patient likely to recover. The extent of his injuries was so severe that during his time in a coma, his family was advised to prepare for the worst. However, Mike experienced a profound dream where a deceased colleague appeared and reassured him that it wasn’t his time to die, urging him to check up on his family.

Miraculously, Mike awoke from the coma, although he faced “horrific pain” and a drastically altered appearance. His recovery involved multiple reconstructive surgeries and a long, painful journey back to some semblance of normalcy. His injuries had left him with significant facial disfigurement, and he struggled with the shock of his new appearance. The road to recovery was not just physical but also mental, as he battled severe anxiety and depression, feeling like a burden and struggling to come to terms with his identity post-accident.

Despite these challenges, Mike’s resilience shone through. He humorously recounted a bizarre, drug-induced dream involving actor Will Ferrell, which he credits with saving his life during a critical moment when his breathing tube was blocked. His determination saw him returning to his beloved outdoor activities and even taking up semi-professional football to regain his physical health.

Now, more than twenty years later, Mike is married with two children and works in telecommunications. He also pursues motivational speaking, hoping to inspire others with his story of survival and recovery. He reflects on the accident as a pivotal moment that set him on his current path, emphasizing that it helped shape him into a person who embraces life more fully and views the world differently.

Mike credits his survival to a robust support system, including wonderful neighbors and friends who were there for him during his darkest times. His story is not just one of survival but of transformation and hope, proving the incredible strength of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.

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