Prince Harry Has Serious Reason for Returning United Kingdom

The Duke of Sussex has previously paid two visits to London, but this time there is a more important purpose.

Prince Harry escaped from England and he has a new incentive to return. Sussex has recently visited his homeland twice, once to dedicate a memorial to his mother and once to attend the funeral of his grandfather, but he has always returned to his wife, never making peace with his grandmother and other family members.

According to the press, Harry, who wants to release the scandalous memoirs, has found a justification to return to England for the third time.

The company BetterUP, which helps people with mental health problems, plans to provide its services in the UK capital. Prince Harry is one of the employees of the project so he will need to visit the UK.

According to Free News, Harry joined BetterUp back in March. He also spoke openly regarding his mental health problems and how company resources helped him to recover from them.

Alexi Robicho, the organization’s chief executive, said to the People that the Duke of Sussex has offered some helpful suggestions to help the company grow – according to the source.

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