Prince Harry Fell Out William

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Fell Out With William & Kate Over Living Arrangements

There are so many rumors found nowadays of the Royal family. Everyone wants to know the reason behind the quarrel of Prince Harry and his misses with the royal family in the palace.

One quarrel theory was presented by Royal author Tom Quinn he said there is an interesting theory found around when quarrel started and I think I was started when the prince and his wife move their new apartment and then a thing seems as issue come in the public eye was the palace size compare with prince William and his wife palace. It suggested from their U.K. documentary, Meghan & Harry: Two Troubled Years living in, the smaller size of their place compared to William and Kate’s apartment “led to quarrel started.”

That’s a theory is accurate or not? Are the two couples that close to each other that they were going to contain about the square footage of an apartment?

If it is the base of quarrel, then it seems that Prince William has more chance to become next king have 2nd position on the crown and he is a father of 3 children’s.

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