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Killer Nurse Lucy Letby Sent Mother ‘Sickening’ Photos of Baby with Feeding Tube Dislodged

In a horrifying revelation, a mother has come forward to disclose that she received a disturbing photograph of her newborn daughter with her feeding tube dislodged, allegedly sent by the convicted serial killer nurse, Lucy Letby. Letby, who was found guilty of murdering multiple infants under her care, has once again left the community in shock with this unsettling incident.

The photograph, a Polaroid, captured the mother’s innocent baby girl with her feeding tube, intended to deliver milk through her nose into her tummy, inexplicably disconnected. On the back of the photograph, Letby had penned a chilling message: “Caught in the act! (Baby) deciding she is a big girl now and doesn’t need to be tube-fed anymore! X”

Tragically, the events that followed the transmission of this grim image were even more distressing. Shortly after Lucy Letby concluded her neonatal shift, the infant, who had previously been progressing well, began to deteriorate rapidly. She was swiftly moved to intensive care. Subsequent medical examinations led to a devastating diagnosis of cerebral palsy, a debilitating condition often stemming from brain damage.

The mother, who is understandably shattered by these events, now suspects that her daughter may have fallen victim to the sinister actions of the serial killer nurse, Lucy Letby. Initial brain scans at the time of birth had shown no signs of abnormalities. However, eight months later, the first symptoms of cerebral palsy began to manifest.

In response to these disturbing developments, the mother is demanding a thorough police investigation into the matter and is pursuing legal action against the NHS Countess of Chester Hospital, where Letby committed her heinous acts.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the mother conveyed the profound emotional impact of the photograph and Letby’s subsequent conviction. She disclosed her inability to revisit the Polaroid, noting that it had brought her to tears when she learned of Letby’s guilty verdict.

According to reports by Express on Saturday, September 23, 2023, the expressed her disbelief at the photograph, questioning why a nurse would capture an image of a child with a dislodged feeding tube when it is standard practice for medical professionals to address such issues promptly. The mother’s words reflect the incomprehensible nature of the photograph and the ensuing events, which have left her scarred and traumatized.

In a haunting reference to Letby’s message, “caught in the act,” the mother added, “It’s shocking. It feels like a sick joke – that’s why I can’t put it up and I never will.”

This unsettling incident has further deepened the sense of outrage and grief within the community affected by Lucy Letby’s actions. As investigations continue and legal proceedings unfold, it is a stark reminder of the pain and suffering inflicted upon innocent families by those entrusted with the care of their most vulnerable loved ones.

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