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Prince Harry ‘Desperately’ Wants to Share a Major Secret with King Charles ‘Before It Is Too Late,’ Says Royal Insider

Prince Harry is set to make a much-anticipated return to the UK next month to participate in the Invictus Games, an event particularly close to his heart, as he founded the competition to aid the rehabilitation of wounded, injured, and sick military personnel and veterans through sports. This confirmation comes in the wake of King Charles announcing that he will resume his public-facing duties this week, marking a significant period of royal engagements.

The Invictus Games Foundation took to social media on Sunday to share the news, stating, “We will be joined by our Patron, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, actor Damian Lewis, and members of the worldwide Invictus Community to mark the occasion.” This announcement highlights the continued commitment of Prince Harry to the organization and its objectives, despite his relocation to the United States and stepping back from senior royal duties.

However, the statement conspicuously did not mention whether Meghan Markle, along with their children, Archie and Lilibet, would be accompanying Harry on his trip to the UK. This omission has sparked curiosity and speculation about the family dynamics and logistical decisions behind the scenes.

The sources claim, “Harry knows how much it would mean for his dad [King Charles] to see Archie.” “He’s so proud of his children, and now that Archie’s personality is coming out more each day, he wants his dad to enjoy him too. He sees himself, his dad, his mum, even [his brother] William in Archie,” the royal insiders claimed.

The sources went on to say, “He wants to share that with Charles before it’s too late. “No one ever expected the duchess to come, but Harry was hoping she’d allow Archie to see his grandfather, considering the terrible circumstances with his health.”

Sources close to the royal couple have conveyed to Woman’s Day that Prince Harry is keen on bringing his son Archie along for the visit. According to these insiders, Harry ‘desperately’ wants his son to be part of the journey, suggesting a desire to maintain a connection between his children and his homeland. Nonetheless, it seems that such a decision would not be made without the agreement of Meghan Markle, pointing to the couple’s collaborative approach to parenting and public appearances.

The situation underscores the delicate balancing act Prince Harry faces in navigating his roles as a father, a husband, and a royal figure with significant public and charitable commitments. The potential for Archie to join him in the UK raises questions about the young family’s public engagements and how they manage their visibility on the international stage.

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