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Prince Harry’s Visa Quandary Leads to Predictions of Embarrassment and Tough Choices by Royal Expert

Prince Harry finds himself entangled in a challenging visa situation in the U.S., spotlighted following his candid 2023 memoir, “Spare.” As the only non-U.S. citizen in his household in Montecito, California—where his wife Meghan and their children hold U.S. citizenship or dual status—the complications around his visa have escalated with legal actions initiated by the Heritage Foundation.

This conservative think tank is pushing to disclose documents concerning Harry’s visa application after he admitted to past drug use in his memoir, including an anecdote about using magic mushrooms. They claim that Harry either falsified his visa application by denying drug use or received preferential treatment from U.S. authorities.

Royal expert Jennie Bond shared with OK! Magazine that this visa dilemma could end embarrassingly for Harry, suggesting three possible outcomes: he lied on his visa application, he lied in his book, or he was treated as a special case by the government.

Despite these challenges, Bond believes that both Harry’s visa and his reputation might ultimately remain intact. She expressed hope that Harry would not be unfairly targeted due to his high profile, considering his pursuit of happiness and love in the U.S. with Meghan.

Harry, who has recently made the U.S. his official home as per documents related to his global travel initiative, Travalyst, has entertained the idea of U.S. citizenship but stated it’s not a current priority. As of now, Harry remains a U.K. citizen, navigating both his life in America and his unique circumstances under the public eye.

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