Prince Harry ‘disowns’ Meghan Markle father, declares Nigerians his ‘in-laws’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under fire for a controversial comment made during their trip to Africa. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently visited Nigeria as part of a cultural exchange program and made a notable appearance at the Lagos State Government House. During this visit, Prince Harry referred to the local people as his in-laws, a comment that quickly drew criticism.

Observers were quick to point out the irony in Harry’s statement, given his estranged relationship with Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle. The comment sparked backlash online, with many netizens calling out the Duke for what they perceived as hypocrisy. Critics argued that it was inappropriate for Harry to make such a remark, especially considering the well-publicized tensions between Meghan and her father, told The Mirror.

During the appearance, the Duke of Sussex said: “I’ll skip the protocol because at this point we’re all family. Thank you for welcoming my wife and myself to Nigeria.” He said this was the pair’s “first visit” but “certainly” it would not be their last.

Harry added: “Thank you for the naming ceremony. I don’t know how I got dragged into that as well, but to be able to witness it as well next to my wife, it means a huge amount to both of us but especially her, so thank you for that.”

A user wrote on X: “He is so desperate to find a family that he’s willing to go above and beyond, journey people his in-laws he has in-laws. He has a father-in-law a mother-in-law, and he has a stepsister and step-brother-in-law. Oh yeah, he disowned everybody.”

Another critic added: “Harry, traitor to his own family, hasn’t even met his actual father-in-law, who has begged to see him, Meghan, and his grandchildren. This is truly appalling.” A third wrote: “He has lost the plot.”

This incident has added to the ongoing scrutiny faced by the couple, who have often been in the media spotlight since stepping down from their roles as senior royals. Their visit to Nigeria was intended to foster cultural understanding and strengthen ties, but the controversial comment has overshadowed the positive aspects of their trip.

The reaction from the public highlights the sensitivity surrounding the couple’s family dynamics and the expectations placed upon them as public figures. Despite their intentions to connect with the Nigerian community, the Duke and Duchess’s words have once again put them at the center of a social media storm.

This situation serves as a reminder of the challenges Harry and Meghan face in navigating their roles on the global stage. As they continue their public engagements, the couple must be mindful of their words and actions, understanding the broader implications they carry. The incident in Nigeria underscores the need for careful consideration in their public interactions, particularly when addressing sensitive cultural and familial matters.

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