Evri delivery driver carelessly throws parcels
Photo Credit: Maciej Olszewski/Facebook

Caught on Camera! Evri Delivery Driver’s Careless Act Leaves Parcels in Gutter, Sparks Outrage

A shocking video captured the moment an Evri delivery driver callously tossed parcels into a gutter from the back of a van in Torquay, Devon, prompting outrage from onlookers.

Maciej Olszewski, who witnessed the incident on his way to work, expressed his dismay, fearing his own package might have been among those mishandled. He highlighted the frequent occurrence of damaged parcels and the potential risk of theft due to such negligence.

The footage, filmed by Olszewski, reveals around a dozen packages being carelessly flung from the van’s rear doors, ranging from boxes to softer items, with the driver seemingly unaware of being recorded.

In response to the incident, Evri admitted the driver’s behavior was unacceptable and claimed to have enrolled them in a training course. However, they offered no explanation for the reckless actions.

This is not the first time Evri has come under scrutiny for mishandling parcels. Previous incidents include a courier knocking over a prized vase and another driver casually lobbing parcels into a van without regard for their contents.

Despite these controversies, Evri drivers continue to operate, earning between £8 and £16 per hour. The company, boasting a workforce of over 26,000 couriers, maintains a responsibility to uphold delivery standards.

Recent data suggests that damaged packages are a widespread issue in the UK, with nearly half of Britons receiving compromised items in the past year, resulting in an estimated £8 billion in losses. Household items and clothing were among the most commonly affected.

An Evri spokesperson emphasized the company’s commitment to parcel care and stated that corrective measures, including additional training, have been swiftly implemented to prevent future incidents. However, concerns persist regarding the company’s ability to ensure the safe and responsible handling of deliveries.

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