Experts analyze Meghan Markle’s acting prowess before Megxit: ‘There was nothing!’

Experts step forward to shed light on Meghan Markle’s royal suffering prior to Megxit.

An observation of Meghan Markle’s ‘well hidden’ anguish was brought forward by body language expert Judi James on Daily Mirror’s Pod Save the Queen podcast.

On being asked if she ever picked up on any hidden foreshadowing of pain, struggle or betrayal, Ms. James admitted, “She clearly played it very well.”

“Full marks to her, because she said she’d gone through a lot of grief, but she never showed it. And, I think the actress’s side helped her get through that.”

“I looked through acres of footage, and she’d always got a good smile on her face, she always looked engaged, she’d always got quite an excited eye expression. And she always looked clearly besotted with Harry, and I think that possibly made it less obvious.”

However, in regards to Prince Harry’s body language, “I think we saw Harry change so much. I could always see the rift between him and William anyway, going back right to the first days of Harry’s marriage, and meeting Meghan.”

“He went from being this jack-the-lad character – and we used to see him all the time with William, looking like a couple of jokers!”

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