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Justin Trudeau’s ex avoids talking about her ‘claimed’ bond by Meghan Markle

Sophie Trudeau, the former wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, recently sidestepped questions about her relationship with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, despite previous public acknowledgments of their friendship by Meghan herself.

In November 2022, Meghan spoke warmly of Sophie on her since-discontinued podcast “Archetypes,” describing a bond with the Canadian figure. However, Sophie’s recent responses have shown a notable reticence to discuss their connection, highlighting a potential complexity in their relationship.

She swooned at the time: “I’ve gone to her over the years for advice,” adding how Sophie would “send me little meditations during my pregnancy” and gave her voice notes “of encouragement” Meghan continued to describe how their children would play together while Sophie and Meghan drank wine and were “giddy like absolute schoolgirls”.  But now, in an interview with The Times, Sophie has said: “I know her… but we haven’t spent much time together.”

The friendship between Meghan and Sophie came into the public eye, particularly during an event in 2020. At that time, the two were seen enjoying a girls’ night out in Toronto with Canadian fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney. The evening was well-documented, with photos of Meghan and Sophie posing closely in a photo booth at a rooftop bar, appearing to enjoy each other’s company.

She exclusively told The Mirror: “Anyone who has enjoyed a photo booth at a party or wedding will know that they do bring out your more extrovert, spontaneous side when it comes to posing, so these photos of Meghan and Sophie shouldn’t be evaluated like normal posing options.”

Judi went on: “However, even factoring in the exaggeration tendencies, it does seem extraordinary to claim their relationship was as ‘cool’ here as Sophie seems to want to make it sound, which could suggest a close relationship at this point that cooled off for some reason.’

“These poses do suggest closeness and a totally relaxed relationship that is playful as well as friendly. They would link more to the ‘giddy’ claim of Meghan’s as two high-profile women with status brands to protect might be unlikely to drop their reservations for poses like this unless they were entirely comfortable in each other’s company.”

These images, captured cheek-to-cheek with playful pouts, suggested a warm, personal connection between the two women at the time. However, the interpretation of these photobooth pictures has been a subject of scrutiny. Body language expert Judi James analyzed the snapshots and commented on the apparent closeness of Meghan and Sophie.

James noted that while the images depicted a semblance of intimacy, they should not be assessed like typical photographs due to their playful and somewhat performative nature typical of photobooth settings. Sophie’s recent avoidance of discussions about her friendship with Meghan could stem from a variety of reasons.

It could be a personal preference to keep her current social connections private, a reflection of changes in their relationship, or perhaps a response to the increased media scrutiny that follows any public mention of Meghan Markle, given her high-profile departure from royal duties and subsequent activities.

This shift in Sophie’s stance on publicly discussing her friendship with Meghan is particularly intriguing in light of the latter’s previous candidness about their relationship. It raises questions about the dynamics of friendships under the pressure of public life and media observation, particularly when it involves individuals who are constantly under the spotlight.

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