Philip Middlemiss
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Coronation Street’s Philip Middlemiss Unrecognizable in TV Reunion with Denise Welch After 26 Years

Former “Coronation Street” star Philip Middlemiss, renowned for his role as the charismatic Des Barnes, made a striking television comeback, appearing vastly different from his days on the beloved ITV soap. The actor, who is now 60, was last seen in his role on the show in 1998 and has notably transformed, sporting short white hair and a smart ensemble.

Philip’s appearance on Monday’s episode of “Loose Women” marked a rare public sighting and a nostalgic reunion with his former on-screen wife, Denise Welch. His transformation since leaving the cobblestones of Weatherfield was a talking point as he discussed his post-soap career and personal trials.

Known for his pivotal storylines on “Coronation Street,” particularly the dramatic scenes leading to Des Barnes’ death from a heart attack, Philip’s return to the small screen was warmly received. His character’s exit had been at his own request, seeking a decisive end to his tenure on the soap by having his character killed off.

Beyond his soap opera fame, Philip’s career continued with roles in the ITV drama “Where The Heart Is,” where he played David Buckley from 2000 to 2006. His acting pursuits slowed down following his last TV appearance in 2014 on “Doctors,” shifting focus to other projects, including a challenging venture into directing.

His directing career faced a significant setback when a film project in Africa, funded partly from his savings, was halted due to the financial downturn in 2008. This led to financial struggles, including bankruptcy declared in 2012. Philip described the period as one of personal and financial difficulty, relying on support from family and friends to navigate through. “It has been a difficult time. Three-and-a-half years is a long time to fund myself without any income,” he shared with the Manchester Evening News.

The challenges did not end there for Philip. In 2021, he faced severe allegations of involvement in a global bribery scandal linked to the sale of military planes to the Ghanaian government by Airbus. The accusations brought significant distress, leading to panic attacks and PTSD, as Philip recounted the impact on his life, including the loss of his house and car. Despite the hardships, he found solace in the support of his former co-stars and friends, notably Charlie Lawson and Simon Gregson, who stood by him during these tumultuous times.

Philip’s journey from a soap star to grappling with serious legal and personal challenges paints a complex picture of resilience and recovery, underscored by the enduring support of friends and a loyal community. His recent public appearance not only revisits his iconic role but also highlights his ongoing battles and the strength found in lasting friendships.

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