dad and sons swim challenge
Photo: David Enser

Father and Sons Conclude Remarkable Fundraising Swim Challenge

In a heartwarming display of determination and family unity, an expatriate father and his two sons have successfully completed a remarkable swimming challenge, covering the distance equivalent to the English Channel. Their incredible efforts raised over £1,700 for the Berry Pomeroy Primary School in Totnes, South Hams.

David Enser, currently residing in Germany, devised this swimming endeavor with a noble goal in mind – to secure funding for the purchase of up to 10 Chromebook laptops for Berry Pomeroy Primary School, where his youngest son is a student.

Due to unique personal circumstances, Mr. Enser resides with his eldest son, Max, aged 13, in Munich, while his eight-year-old son, Henry, attends school in South Devon.

Over several months, the trio undertook this challenge in different locations, making it a truly global effort. During the summer, Mr. Enser and Max swam in far-flung locales such as Croatia and Munich. Later, they took to the waters again, this time joined by friends in Ipswich.

Their monumental endeavor reached its successful conclusion in Devon over the weekend, as they completed a staggering 21 miles (34 kilometers), symbolically mirroring the length of the English Channel.

The climactic moment saw the rest of the students from Berry Pomeroy School joining in to swim the final meters with the Enser family, demonstrating a strong sense of community support.

Mr. Enser shared, “It’s maybe a bit symbolic, I guess. It’s the English Channel that divides my eldest son and myself from Henry. Engaging in endeavors like this brings us closer together, bridging the geographical gap.”

Despite the inherent challenges, Mr. Enser is no stranger to fundraising initiatives, having previously participated in a sponsored 100k run at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized that these endeavors aimed to give back to the community and promote water confidence among children.

He added, “Encouraging our kids to become more comfortable in the water is a valuable pursuit, and we’re thrilled to have the school’s support.”

Mr. Enser expressed his gratitude toward the school’s dedicated teaching staff, who have been exceptionally supportive of his unique situation, living abroad while his son attends school locally. “It’s heartening that we can contribute to Henry’s local school. Every year, I receive virtual parent-teacher meetings and school reports via email, which is extra work for the teachers, but they’ve been truly fantastic,” he stated, underscoring the collaborative spirit that made this fundraising effort a resounding success.

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