Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Bizarre’ Meghan Markle Fact That Has Prince Harry Obsessed, According to Royal Expert

Prince Harry recently shared that his initial conversations with Meghan Markle began during a deeply significant period of his life, coinciding with what would have been Princess Diana’s birthday. This revelation highlights the emotional context in which their relationship blossomed, adding a layer of poignancy to their early interactions.

The Duke of Sussex, who married Meghan Markle in a high-profile ceremony in 2018, first connected with Meghan around a time laden with personal memories and significance—his late mother’s birthday. This timing suggests that his budding relationship with Meghan was intertwined with his reflections on his mother’s life and legacy, a theme that has been a constant in his public and private life.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare,’ Harry noted: “It occurred to me how uncanny, how surreal, how bizarre, that this marathon conversation should have begun on July 1, 2016. “My mother’s fifty-fifth birthday,” he exclaimed.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield tells “Are dozens of people jumping out of bushes or waiting outside of the gym for a shot of Meghan Markle? “No. Diana had it 1,000x worse than Meghan ever will.” She continued: “Princess Diana suffered media scrutiny for almost two decades. Harry and Meghan are very litigious.

The connection with Meghan at this critical juncture possibly provided Prince Harry with a sense of solace and understanding, as he navigated his ongoing public and emotional journey without his mother. Princess Diana, who passed away in 1997, was a beloved public figure whose life and tragic death have had a profound and lasting impact on her sons.

Harry’s initiation of his relationship with Meghan during such a resonant time indicates the depth of meaning these early moments held for him. Since their marriage, Harry and Meghan have embarked on a life together that has involved stepping back from senior royal duties and moving to California.

Their decision to relocate and pursue a more independent lifestyle has been marked by their commitment to philanthropy, mental health advocacy, and public speaking, aligning with the values they hold dearly. Their relationship, which began under such personal circumstances for Harry, has evolved into a partnership that publicly advocates for issues ranging from social justice to mental health awareness.

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