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Yellow Alert for Thunderstorms in London: Flash Flooding and Disruptions Expected

The Met Office has issued a yellow alert for thunderstorms across London and parts of southern England, warning residents of potential flash flooding and disruptions on Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. This alert comes as higher temperatures this week set the stage for volatile weather conditions.

Residents in the capital and surrounding areas are advised to brace for significant weather impacts that could affect travel and infrastructure. The yellow alert will be in effect from 11 pm on Wednesday to 6 am on Thursday, covering not only London but also extending into other regions of southern England and Wales.

Transportation services, including trains and buses, are at risk of cancellations or delays due to flooding or lightning strikes. The Met Office has also highlighted that there is a small chance of homes and businesses being flooded or sustaining damage due to the storms.

The Met Office communicated the specifics of the situation on the social media platform X, posting: “With higher temperatures this week there is a risk we could see some active thunderstorms in the south on Wednesday night. Lightning with the risk of hail moving northwestwards across southern England into Wales during the early hours on Thursday morning.”

Despite the severe weather warning, temperatures are expected to reach 18°C on Wednesday and Thursday in London. The warm conditions are predicted to persist throughout the remainder of the week, with a brief respite expected on Saturday when the capital may enjoy up to eight hours of sunshine.

Nicola Maxey, a spokeswoman for the Met Office, elaborated on the weather dynamics: “We have a weather front moving north, coming up across the southwest, and then later in the evening we have some air pushing in from the near continent, so two discrete weather systems.”

While southern parts of England prepare for heavy rainfall, the northern regions are likely to remain dry and warm. This stark contrast in weather patterns across the country underscores the localized nature of the impending thunderstorms and their potential impacts. Residents and businesses in affected areas are encouraged to follow updates and prepare for a tumultuous night ahead.

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