Ella Hines
(Photo: Cancer Research UK)

Brave Ella’s Unyielding Hope: Triumphing Over Two Cancers and Facing Another Challenge

Ella Hines, a 24-year-old from Newbury, epitomizes resilience. Having battled adrenal cortical cancer as a baby and breast cancer at 23, she now faces the potential recurrence of the disease, owing to Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS). This genetic condition significantly amplifies the likelihood of cancer development due to a TP53 gene defect.

Yet, Ella’s spirit remains undaunted. She attributes her survival to the groundbreaking treatments birthed by Cancer Research UK’s endeavors. Their recent data underscores the progress made, indicating that approximately 1.2 million lives in the UK have been spared from cancer since the mid-’80s.

Ella’s confrontation with cancer has not only propelled her into extensive LFS research and support groups but also influenced her decision for a preemptive mastectomy at 22. Unfortunately, cancer was detected prior to the preventive operation. She acknowledges the emotional distress of losing her hair but celebrates her restored self-image post-treatment.

Promisingly, a new clinical trial targeting LFS patients offers hope. This trial, sponsored by the NIHR and MRC, tests an anti-diabetes drug’s efficacy in early cancer detection or prevention. Known as the MILI trial, it will concurrently run in both the UK and the US.

Reflecting on her journey, Ella remarks, “Facing cancer’s emotional aftermath, like losing my hair, affected my self-esteem profoundly. Thankfully, with time and treatment, I’ve reclaimed my identity.”

Elisa Mitchell of Cancer Research UK praises supporters for fueling research milestones. She highlights, “Every day, we’re making strides in early diagnosis and more efficient treatments. Our efforts culminate in more cherished moments with loved ones.” Encouraging continued backing, Mitchell advocates for community engagement through donations, fundraising events, and volunteering.

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