8 Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day When In A Rush

‘Bad hair day’ is no unknown phenomenon in a girl’s life. We all dread days when our hair just doesn’t listen to us and no matter how hard we try, we just cannot fix them up. Although washing your hair is the most obvious solution to a bad hair day, not always do we have so much time in hand.

Here we give you 8 ways on how you can fix a bad hair day when in a rush.

1. Tie it into a bun

Simply twist all your hair together and bind it into a bun with a scrunchy. Another option is to tie the whole length of your hair into a bun leaving the ends. You can now simply spread the ends towards the top, resembling a light art above your bun.

2. Use decorative bobby pins

If you have messed up hair sticking out like hay, simply tame it using bobby pins. To give it an interesting look, use decorative ones. Be it at a party or at work, you are ready to turn up as the most gorgeous person out there, in spite of your bad hair day.

3. Braid your tresses

Braids are simply so beautiful. They look like wonderful artwork on your scalp. The best part about them is that they hide even a bad hair day. Simply braid hair up into a single braid or multiple ones.

4. Use ribbons and bows

To get the attention off the bad hair and to add attraction to it, simply replace your boring scrunchies and chips with colorful satin ribbons and attractive bows. You will be surprised by how much fancier your hair will turn out.

Image Courtesy: Allure

5. Use baby powder

If your hair is really oily, simply dab some baby powder on your hair. But make sure that you rub it carefully so that it doesn’t look like you forgot to dye your gray hair.

6. Wear a headband or headgear

A really pretty headband or headgear will make your hairstyle look pretty, even if you have only tied it into a messy bun. There you go, you’re glam as a doll.

7. Wear a hat

A hat will add sophistication and beauty to your attire. Pick a hat depending on the occasion. Different types of hats that you can choose are Fedoras, baseball caps, cowboy hats, Pork Pie hats, and so on. You can tie a ribbon to your hat to make it appear even more attractive.

8. Wear a scarf

Last but not the least, if none of the above work, simply tie a beautiful scarf around your hair. You can easily cover any kind of disastrous bad hair day with a scarf. Fold it into a triangle, use it over your skull and tie a bow just below your chin.

These are 8 lovely simple ways by which you can style your beautiful locks in no time.

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