So, is it Actually Bad to Go to Sleep with Wet Hair?

As college students, it can be super difficult to make time for things as little (but essential) as washing your hair regularly. That being said, once you finally take out the time to shower before bed when you’re done studying, you probably don’t want to spend time drying your hair.

I totally get it, I promise. But, did you know sleeping with your hair wet can actually have side effects like hair breakage?

Think about it: your hair usually breaks off the most with whole strands coming free when you’re in the shower. That’s because hair is the weakest when it’s wet. You don’t know how much you may move around when you’re sleeping, which would, therefore, cause more breakage.

Not only do you lose hair, but you wake up with random strands on your pillow. No thanks! (BTW, this also applies to using a hair tie before you go to sleep. Hair ties can pull your hair, especially if you move around a lot, causing more damage.)

If you seriously must sleep with your hair wet, there are precautions you can take so your hair doesn’t face any damage. For example: 

  • Replacing your cotton sheets and pillowcases with silk ones will provide a much smoother surface, and feel easier on your hair when you’re moving around.
  • If you’re going to tie back your hair, make sure you do loose braids rather than tight ponytails or buns, and use soft silk scrunchies instead of harsh hairbands.
  • Using a good conditioner during your shower can also help since it reduces friction and detangles your hair.

Tbh, if you go to sleep with your hair wet every once in a while, it’s not the worst case scenario. But avoid doing it consistently, or you’ll definitely notice the damage. 

You know how people say to think of your skin as its own person and take meticulous care of it? The same concept applies to your hair. Treat it gently, and the results will pay off. 

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