TikTok influencer with ‘perfect life’ makes shocking admission

A social media influencer has opened up to her followers in a bid to “normalize” aspects of her life that are typically kept private.

Kayla took to TikTok to prove to fans her life is far from perfect.

“Just a reminder that everyone has insecurities/things they don’t talk about,” she captioned the video.


#greenscreen Just a reminder that everyone has insecurities/ things they don’t talk about. Idea creds to @lucawhitaker3 🤍

♬ romanticize that jealousy jealousy life – cynthia 🌟🦋

In the clip she lists that she “has one girlfriend”, is “alone 99 percent of the time”, has “low libido” and “hates drinking alcohol”.

She said she also struggles with body dysmorphia – a mental illness that causes constant worry over a perceived or slight defect in appearance.

The video has since been viewed more than 3.1 million times.

The post clearly resonated with her followers, with thousands showing their support for the trend and thanking Kayla for her honesty.

“Lowkey glad I’m not the only one,” one girl wrote, while another said: “wow thank you for making me feel better”.

“OK, so I’m not the only one with a low libido??!! This NEEDS to be talked about more,” another added.

Kayla later thanked her followers for their support, saying it helped her feel “normal” and “better about herself”.

“It’s a great feeling… so just know that you’re not alone!” she added.

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