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Meghan Markle Avoids UK After Finding it ‘Tough to Hold a Smile,’ Says Royal Expert

Meghan Markle is reportedly unlikely to return to St. Paul’s Cathedral after experiencing a challenging and traumatic event there in 2022. The Duchess of Sussex has chosen not to accompany Prince Harry to the UK for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, partly due to her desire to avoid the negative reception she received at Queen Elizabeth II’s Thanksgiving service two years ago.

During that event, Meghan faced ridicule and was booed by some members of the crowd, an experience that deeply affected her. As a result, she is now reluctant to return to St. Paul’s Cathedral and relive that public hostility. Prince Harry, meanwhile, is set to attend the anniversary service at the cathedral as he continues to champion the Invictus Games, an event he founded in 2014 to support wounded and ill military personnel.

Royal expert Hilary Fordwich tells Daily Express: “When they were booed leaving St Paul’s Cathedral…she is an accomplished actress, but it was tough for her to hold a smile. You could see the grimace. She won’t want to put herself through that again.

Ms Hilary adds: “Since her ratings have fallen further, she is unlikely to want to experience that or worse. “If her popularity had improved, there may have been a chance she could come tot he UK again. But the fact her popularity has plummeted since she was booed…she is unlikely to want to test those waters,” she noted.

The couple’s strained relationship with the royal family has been a subject of public discussion since their departure from royal duties in 2020. Their relocation to California and subsequent interviews have only added to the tension. The release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare earlier this year, which revealed intimate details about his life within the royal family, further fueled the public scrutiny.

While Prince Harry has expressed a desire to reconcile with his family, the distance between them remains significant. Meghan’s decision to stay in California and not accompany Harry to the UK suggests that the rift between the Sussexes and the royal family is far from healed.

In addition to avoiding St. Paul’s Cathedral due to past trauma, Meghan is also focused on her various projects and commitments in the United States. Her production company, Archewell Productions, and other philanthropic efforts continue to be her primary focus.

The decision not to attend the Invictus Games service may also reflect a strategic choice for Meghan to avoid unwanted attention and public criticism. By staying out of the spotlight, she hopes to minimize the negative impact of public scrutiny on her family.

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