patrol car Thames Valley
(Image: Thames Valley police)

Caught in the Act: Police Officer Rebuked for Sandwich Crust Disposal from Patrol Car

A Thames Valley police officer faced scrutiny after a video emerged of him discarding sandwich crusts from a marked patrol car onto the street. The incident, captured in a TikTok video that garnered over three million views, showed a resident confronting the officer about the littering.

The officer, originally denying any wrongdoing, eventually admitted to disposing of the sandwich crusts and picked up the litter after a lengthy exchange with the resident. The resident expressed his displeasure, questioning the officer’s lack of respect for the environment and the law.


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In response to the video, Thames Valley Police issued a statement, confirming they had addressed the incident with the officer involved and also met with the resident who recorded the video. They emphasized their commitment to learning from such encounters and stated that the officer had been given an opportunity for reflection and growth.

Thames Valley Police further reminded the public that littering is considered a health hazard and an eyesore, urging residents to report such incidents to their local council for proper removal. The police stated their willingness to take action when witnessing littering but encouraged reporting to local authorities for effective clean-up.”

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