Peckham Hair and Cosmetics
The Peckham protest. Picture: LBC

Caught on Camera: Woman Accused of Theft ‘Strangled’ in Store Sparks Outrage and Protests

A viral video of a confrontation between a customer and an employee at Peckham Hair and Cosmetics in Rye Lane, Peckham, has ignited protests. The video, which surfaced on Monday, reveals a heated altercation between a man of apparent Asian descent and a black woman.

The man is seen holding the woman by her throat, attempting to restrain her. Sources report that the 31-year-old woman tried to pilfer goods from the store but was halted by the employee. The police apprehended her on assault suspicion, but she was later released on bail, awaiting further investigation. As the video garnered attention, protestors rallied outside the shop the following day.

Russian hackers, notorious for their support of the Ukraine war and cyberattacks on UK hospitals during the COVID-19 outbreak, face sanctions. The punitive measures aim to hold the culprits accountable for disrupting UK hospital operations amidst the health emergency.

A prison escape has intensified security concerns as terror suspect Daniel Abed Khalife fled Wandsworth Prison. The circumstances of his escape remain ambiguous. Authorities warn that Khalife is a potential threat and solicit public assistance for his capture.

Zayna Iman has publicly shared her traumatic ordeal of being allegedly assaulted while under police custody. Her testimony sheds light on the unsettling issue of sexual predators within the police force and sparks a debate on the safety and rights of detainees.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has voiced his apprehensions about the Peckham store incident and is in dialogue with the Metropolitan Police for deeper insights. Sistah Space, a charity aiding women from African and Caribbean backgrounds, criticized the law enforcement’s handling of the episode.

The charity underscores that the woman was assaulted and the alleged aggressor was allowed to leave the scene, pointing to a perceived lack of accountability. The organization has galvanized protests outside the establishment, demanding justice.

As these events captivate public attention, the Metropolitan Police plead for patience and invite witnesses to provide insights. Detective Chief Superintendent Seb Adjei-Addoh ensures the community that an exhaustive inquiry, encompassing all participants’ actions, is in progress.

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