Prince Harry reunite with Meghan

Meghan Markle warns Prince Harry over recent damaging attacks against royal family; fears losing titles

Meghan Markle faced multiple warnings that she and Prince Harry might lose their royal titles following bombshell interviews.

Meghan Markle feels scared of losing the royal titles that she prevented her husband from speaking “too much.”

Following several petitions to remove the Sussexes’ royal titles, Meghan warned Prince Harry about the aftereffects of his statements.

In a new report by Express U.K., a source claimed that the Duchess of Sussex fears the potential PR disaster. It added that Queen Elizabeth II could strip off the honorifics once they got into her nerves.

The specific source exclusively relayed the news to Heat Magazine, saying that Meghan thinks her husband prompted the petitions.

“She’s told Harry that they need to tone down the attacks on the Royal Family – she’s afraid they’ll take away their royal titles, which would be a PR disaster,” the source went on. “Right now, she’s inundated with offers, and that’s in part to being a Duchess.”

Piers Morgan wants Meghan, Prince Harry out!

The new revelation came after Piers Morgan and Lady Colin Campbell expressed their desires to remove the couple’s titles.

Morgan wrote a column for Mail Online, suggesting that Her Majesty should have removed the titles in January 2020. For what it’s worth, Meghan and Prince Harry left their senior royal posts over a year ago to live in the U.S.

However, the former Good Morning Britain presenter thought that Queen Elizabeth II did not do it because of Archie.

“Today, the case for cutting him off from his royal status is even stronger, yet I suspect the Queen is still resisting all calls to do so, because she is an inherently decent woman and has a far greater loyalty to her family than Harry is showing,” he wrote.

Still, Morgan noted that Queen Elizabeth II already reached the point where she should consider the future of the monarchy. He then warned that there could be someone who wants to wreck the royal family succession.

More petitions

Lady Campbell sought help through’s website and a petition titled Invitation to Prince Harry to request that The Queen put his titles into abeyance. The royal expert made the petition solely for the Duke of Sussex.

“As a purely private citizen, with no royal rank, style or title, he will be able to indulge his personal beliefs, as is the right of all private citizens, without the consequential possibility of damaging the institution of the Monarchy or relations between Friendly Powers,” the statement says.

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