Limbaugh’s Show Is Now Replaced By The Young Blood

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday The Rush Limbaugh will be soon overthrown by new media personalities Clay Travis and Buck Sexton—a self-described moderate and a conservative on a three-hour time slot previously held by a conservative icon.

A duo distributor Premiere Networks is eager to maintain Limbaugh’s right-wing appeal while adding new blood to the radio show.

In March, Right-wing commentator Dan Bongino was selected to fill the airwaves on a chunk of Limbaugh’s former stations by Cumulus Media. His show “The Dan Bongino Show”, the premiere was held on Monday with Trump as the first guest.

As per WSJ, Premiere Networks has been playing archived segments on relative topics and maintain 75% to 80% of its regular audience.

Before the death of Limbaugh from cancer in February, the show was syndicated to 600 stations and regularly attracted 15 million listeners.

He was not only the famous but most controversial radio host of his era. He estimates collected a $1.1 billion realm during his lifetime, as per Forbes.

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