How to Find Your Own Style?

We all love dressing up, trying new things, creating new outfits. But how to choose something truly unique, something you can create and wear it in your own style?

First you need to know what kind of tops/jeans/shoes suits you best. There’s no point in following strict trends, if the style doesn’t suit you and you can be seen as a ‘poser’. You must have at least one favourite item – e.g. jeans, hoodie or a scarf. Ask your mates if this item suits you, you want to compliment your features – like great hair, beautiful skin or flat tummy. You want to dress like your mates, but find your own style and still look good, right?

Try to wear items that you know will look best on you, e.g. if you have shorter legs, wear longer jeans and short tops; if your upper body is bit bigger then the bottom, try different colour combinations – darker top and brighter jeans. Always ask your friends what they think of your current outfit etc.

Now, when you know what kind of items you’re after, it’s time to express your personality with a colour! Wear clothes that make you feel natural wearing them – don’t make the clothes wear you!

There’s loads of different combinations – if you like stronger colours – try Black and Green Chess Punk Emo Hooded Jacket, Pink Zebra Stripe Punk Emo Hooded Top or Comic Print Retro T-shirt! But remember, such a colourful top needs plain colour bottoms – try purple or black jeans, leggings, tutu etc.

If you prefer something more easily on the eye, try Striped T-shirts – Black and White Stripe Ladies T-shirt, Black and Red Stripe Men’s T-shirt, or Hoodies: Star Print Ladies Hooded Jacket, Newspaper All over Print Men’s Hoodie.

Now Accessories – this is what the outfit is made of – just be careful with different patterns and designs. If your top is colourful choose plain hat: Black Cotton Trilby or Grey Striped Trilby. If you want to wear some funky Urban Beanies: Red Chess Beanie, White Chess Beanie, put plain top and match the hat with the colour of your jeans/skirt.

You’ll find your own style and look unique if you match the clothes you wear with your personality and choose things you’ll feel natural in!

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