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‘Homesick’ Prince Harry Starting To ‘Regret’ Leaving The UK?

Does Prince Harry regret coming to the United States? One report says that Wimbledon and Euro 2020 have him longing for nights with David Beckham and Prince William. According to the National Enquirer, sports have Prince Harry missing England.

He’s reportedly enviously watched Prince William and Kate Middleton attend Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium, as well as Wimbledon. A source says, “He got loads of messages from his pals back in the UK, with them all cheering and shouting and having a great time together.” Prince Harry is forced to watch from across the pond.

Prince Harry loves Meghan Markle and their Montecito life, but a source says he still feels “pangs of regret” over leaving England behind. He supposedly wishes he could eat pub food with David Beckham as the two watch soccer matches together. Sources say Markle has tried to get Prince Harry into baseball, but he thinks it’s just too slow.

We all feel FOMO sometimes, but Gossip Cop thinks this is just ridiculous. Prince Harry and Markle just welcomed Lilibet Diana. Even if they were in England, he couldn’t and shouldn’t be galavanting at arenas with Beckham. He has responsibilities as a father outweighing the English national team.

As for Wimbledon, Prince William is a much bigger fan than Prince Harry, although Serena Williams is a family friend of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. There are plenty of tennis tournaments in the United States as well, so it’s not like Prince Harry is forced to go without.

Most strange of all is the anecdote about Prince Harry watching American baseball. Premier League soccer and international competitions are very easy to watch on U.S. television. Peacock and NBC boast games galore, while Euro 2020 was on ABC and ESPN. Soccer’s popularity continues to grow in the United States, so Prince Harry never needs to miss a game.

Gossip Cop doesn’t want to miss the point though. Prince Harry and Markle left a toxic situation, a suicidal situation, for greener pastures in the United States. They’ve thrived across the pond, inking megabucks deals left and right while getting to raise their children away from the prying British press. If Prince Harry really wanted to move back to England, there’s nothing stopping him. He and Markle are content in the United States, so this story is completely false.

This is the same tabloid that christened him “pathetic Prince Harry” and maintains that he’s trapped in a nightmare marriage. It also claimed that Prince Harry’s been banished to the United States, but that never happened. Gossip Cop also busted the preposterous idea that Prince Harry and Markle earned $500 million for their Oprah Winfrey interview. That number is impossibly high.

The Enquirer proves time after time that it has no insight into Prince Harry’s life. He’s happy to live in California, even if it means he doesn’t get to watch soccer with David Beckham as much as he used to. Fortunately, there are always Inter Miami CF games if he’s ever that interested. – gossipcop

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