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Prince Harry left ‘definitely embarrassed’ over ‘disrespectful’ Meghan Markle

In a recent appearance on Australia’s “The Morning Show,” body language specialist Dr. Louise Mahler shared her insights on Meghan Markle’s transformation after her engagement to Prince Harry. She closely analyzed various segments from the couple’s Netflix documentary to substantiate her claims.

Discussing Meghan’s earlier life, Dr. Mahler praised, “The episode highlighting her younger years showcased a vibrant young Meghan. She was a promising individual, talented in writing and filled with potential.” However, Dr. Mahler noted a shift in Meghan’s demeanor during their engagement phase, stating, “The engagement photos reveal a change.

Her natural smile seems forced, her eyes lack the same spark, and there’s an odd habit she frequently pushing back her hair. It’s as if she’s transformed.” The expert further elaborated on the dynamic between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“When they’re together, you see Harry, evidently smitten and deeply in love. Meghan, on the other hand, amplifies this adoration with exaggerated expressions,” she commented. Drawing a stark contrast, Dr. Mahler pointed out the differences in their individual personas when apart, reported The Mirror.

“Harry’s self-esteem seems to be a recurring theme, constantly referring to his ginger hair as if it’s an insecurity. His voice quivers when he speaks of personal heartbreaks, revealing the deep scars left by his mother’s tragic demise.”

Meghan, when on her own, appears to have an entirely different narrative. “She emphasizes her value for freedom repeatedly,” Dr. Mahler remarked, “Contrary to Harry’s somber tone, Meghan’s emphasis on liberation stands out starkly.”

Dr. Mahler further critiqued the nature of the Netflix documentary, suggesting a lack of authenticity. “The so-called candid shots seem meticulously planned. Everything they present feels orchestrated,” she observed. She also didn’t hold back when commenting on the controversial curtsey reenactment by Meghan in the documentary.

Terming it as “disrespectful,” she drew cultural parallels, saying, “If in Japan, bowing is a mark of respect, you wouldn’t mock it.” Dr. Mahler believed this was one of the rare instances where Harry appeared genuinely embarrassed by Meghan’s actions, implying that such moments should be more frequent.

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