Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, pose in front of the Sphinx. Source: Reuters

Royal Discomfort: King Charles and Queen Camilla Share a Common Coronation Complaint

During the grand coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023, witnessed by millions worldwide, a seemingly minor yet notable issue was revealed by a lip-reading expert. This event marked the first major crowning ceremony in Britain in 70 years, laden with the pomp and pageantry befitting a monarch. However, amidst the regal splendor, King Charles and Queen Camilla experienced a shared inconvenience that they quietly discussed while appearing on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The day was not without its challenges; stormy weather and timing issues with the arrival of Prince William and his family at Westminster Abbey caused some initial irritation for the King and Queen. However, it was during their balcony appearance, a moment for the royal couple to acknowledge the public’s support, that a more personal grievance was aired.

Jeremy Freeman, a professional lip reader, provided insights into the royal couple’s conversation. As they stood side by side, greeting the assembled crowd, King Charles was observed remarking to Queen Camilla, “I can’t see a thing with this crown. I can’t look up.” Camilla echoed his sentiment, replying, “I can’t see anything either, my crown will fall off.” Despite these concerns, both royals managed to keep their crowns securely in place throughout the event.

Observers also noted that King Charles did not appear entirely at ease during the ceremony. Judi James, a body language and behavioral expert, analyzed the King’s demeanor and identified signs of tension. She noted, “He looked like a man unwilling to be elevated away from the public and away from the people he loves to surround himself with. From the self-comfort thumb rubbing to the way he constantly played with and rubbed the knot in his golden belt. At times, he looked in danger of being overwhelmed by emotion.”

These observations suggest that while the coronation was a moment of triumph, it also brought forth feelings of vulnerability for the newly crowned King. James further commented that Charles seemed to relax significantly after the formal proceedings were over, particularly when he joined his family on the balcony.

The coronation of King Charles III was not only a testament to the continuation of royal tradition but also a poignant reminder of the personal adjustments and discomforts that the royals must endure in their public roles. This event, rich in ceremony and spectacle, also underscored the human side of monarchy, as even a king and queen can be troubled by the physical constraints of their regal adornments.

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