Christopher Meloni

Christopher Meloni’s Butt Is Going Viral For Looking Too Good in This New Twitter Photo

Christopher Meloni isn’t backing away from the body part that made him go viral this week — he’s happy to embrace what Twitter is celebrating. The Law & Order: Organized Crime star enjoyed a trending moment on social media where his butt was the star of the show.

It all started when a Twitter user posted a photo of Meloni shooting in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The actor was on set with his assets on display while talking with a crew member. Of course, the 60-year-old actor has pants on, but they are hugging his curves and showing off his fit physique. (See the epic photo here!)

Another social media account jumped in to question his form, “@Chris_Meloni you wanna explain why you have so much cake???” They also had a SpongeBob SquarePants GIF to clearly demonstrate what they were referring to — yep, Meloni’s behind. He had the best response, “Sure- big birthday(60), big boy(200 lbs), big cake

Of course, the NBC star wasn’t done just yet. When a third Twitter user jumped in with “Sir why are you trending” and added the photo of his butt and Twitter’s trending list, Meloni had the last laugh. “The other Melonis are trending, not me,” he wrote. (See the Twitter interaction here.)

Twitter is happily in on his hilarious game because a search through “Chris Meloni” gives you lots of birthday cake photos and pictures of the actor’s butt. This is why we sign up to use social media — everyone has a laugh, no one takes themselves too seriously and we learn new — and fun — things about Meloni.

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