The bronze sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II
Photo by Talos Art Gallery

Regal Tribute: Talos Art Gallery Unveils Bronze Sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II

A stunning life-sized sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II has been unveiled at The Talos Art Gallery in Calne, Wiltshire, captivating visitors with its historic and artistic significance. The bronze sculpture portrays the late Queen riding Burmese, her beloved horse, capturing a cherished moment of royal tradition and personal passion.

This remarkable sculpture is a part of a limited series created by Caroline Wallace, originally commissioned to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee. It holds a special place in the gallery’s summer exhibition, where it will be showcased until July 21st.

The detailed artwork is based on the Queen’s appearance during the 1984 Trooping the Colour, an annual event that showcases the splendor and discipline of the British troops, and where the Queen often rode Burmese. This second edition continues to echo the regal poise and deep connection between the Queen and her horse, elements that Wallace has skillfully immortalized in bronze, reported by BBC.

The first edition of this sculpture was unveiled in November 2020 and was commissioned for a prominent placement at Sandhurst. The unveiling was a ceremonial affair, attended by Prince Edward who praised the effort and artistry involved in bringing this project to fruition. “I want to congratulate the sculptor and the foundry, I’m sure it’s been every bit as challenging a project as you can imagine,” Prince Edward remarked during the event.

Richard Atkinson-Willes, the owner of the foundry and the Talos Art Gallery, played a pivotal role in the production and installation of these sculptures. His dedication to fine arts is evident in the gallery’s commitment to showcasing major commissions directly from the foundry, providing an intimate glimpse into the intricate process of sculpture-making.

Once the exhibition concludes, the sculpture is set to move to another yet-to-be-determined location, promising to continue its journey of enchanting the public and keeping the memory of Queen Elizabeth II alive through artistic expression. This piece not only serves as a tribute to the Queen’s public duties but also to her personal joys, offering a multifaceted look at her legacy through the lens of art.

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