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Prince William told the Queen he wasn’t sure he loved Kate Middleton: Report

A report states, Prince William expressed uncertainty about his emotions for Kate Middleton at one point before proposing to her.

The couple dated for nearly a decade and they split twice before he proposed. There was a time, seemingly, when Prince William wasn’t sure about his feelings for Middleton.

The couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in April. Things were not always that simple back then, and the future king had his “doubts” about whether Middleton would be his queen or not.

The conversation between the couple when he confided in her about his emotions for Middleton was reviewed by Express. After their second breakup in 2007, there were rumors that he would propose to Middleton on her 25th birthday.

He supposedly felt oppressive in their relationship at the time. They broke up for a few months before reuniting. Camila Tominey, a royal correspondent, stated that there was another cause for the split, and that was his feelings toward her.

Camila said, “After they split up, William confided to his grandparents that he was not sure if he loved Kate enough”.

According to Micky, when the couple reconciled, the Queen expected Prince William to choose between marrying Middleton or letting her go. Her Majesty would prefer that they end their relationship permanently rather than marry and divorce afterward. If Middleton was the one for her grandson, she thought a five-year relationship would suffice.

Prince Philip, apparently, shared the point of view of his wife. William was reputedly informed by the late Duke of Edinburgh that he couldn’t keep stringing her along indefinitely.

William proposed to Kate during a trip to Kenya in 2010, eventually popping the big question to Kate Middleton.

The source, Micky states that, because Africa holds a special place in the future king’s heart, he chose to relocate there. While they were in a “rustic and ultra-private” Rutundu log cabin, he proposed to her.

He gave his mom Princess Diana’s engagement ring to Kate. It was to ensure that his mom would still be part of the event – the duke said.

On April 29, 2011, the royal couple happily tied the knot and now they are having three adorable kids — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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