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She’s an actress, after all, Harold. Anything can happen: Prince William’s comments about Meghan reportedly hurt Harry

The tension between royal siblings, Prince Harry and Prince William, has been widely documented, especially after Harry and Meghan Markle’s move to America.

While the public assumed the rift began recently, fresh insights suggest it might have started much earlier. In Prince Harry’s memoir, titled “Spare,” as covered by Cheatsheet, he delves into the early days of his relationship with Meghan.

Harry recounts a time when William allegedly cautioned him with the words, “She’s an actress after all, Harold. Anything can happen.” Harry admitted to feeling “a bit hurt” by the remark. The memoir further details William’s apparent reservations about Meghan.

The elder prince reportedly hinted at the challenges Harry might face due to his relationship with the American actress. Harry felt that William’s warnings seemed to carry an undertone suggesting Meghan was “like a convicted felon.”

Harry paints a vivid picture of Meghan’s first interaction with the royal family, sharing, “I remember my family first meeting her and being incredibly impressed.” He goes on to describe the family’s surprise at their pairing, recalling their disbelief that “a ginger could land such a beautiful and intelligent woman.”

Their initial skepticism, Harry suggests, was intensified by Meghan’s American heritage, which they felt meant the relationship “won’t last.” Despite these early doubts, the couple has firmly stood together, recently celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

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