Kate Middleton and Prince William

Intimate Photos of Prince William, Kate Middleton, what they are doing in Public?

A tabloid recently shows “shock royal photos” of Prince William and Kate Middleton that Buckingham Palace had tried to keep secreted. The photos were probably the cover asserted part of the “biggest cover-up ever,”.

New Idea reached far back into its Rolodex of minor royal scandals to discover a series of photos representing Prince William and Kate Middleton caught outside an English pub in an informal embrace.

The tabloid alleged, “Buckingham Palace had reportedly tried to keep the newly resurfaced photos buried and that this couldn’t be a worse time for the scandalous photos to see the light of day”. 

The photos were taken in 2009 in question, show an impartially tame kiss between Middleton and Prince William as the two stands outside a small pub. The couple wed two years later in a grand and internationally televised ceremony.

The magazine declared that “the public display of affection from the then-dating royals was a breach of royal protocol, the photos are not as shocking as the outlet made them out to be”. 

Neither Prince William nor Kate Middleton was conscious that they were being photographed, which makes the photographer seem that much more disgusting. The two royals only disrupted the “no public displays of affection” obligation because someone crept up on them to quietly capture them in an intimate moment.

All this is a desperate tabloid’s attempt to get attention because corresponded to the other embarrassments that the royal family has faced in the last year alone, these resurfaced photos are nothing more than cheap action.

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