Whoopi Goldberg Married Thrice! Get to Know the ‘View’ Star’s Ex-Husbands

Whoopi Goldberg might have doesn’t know what marriage is all about. The View host has a long history of romances, including her three ex-husbands, Alvin MartinDavid Claessen, and Lyle Trachtenberg.

Goldberg is a legendary TV personality, well-known for breaking ground in Hollywood, but fans are always a little surprised to find out she’s walked down the aisle. Usually, she keeps her relationships very private every time.

Though, the iconic comic actress has touched on her romances on rare occasions. She spoke to The New York Times Magazine about the reason she said “I do,” Whoopi revealed settling down with someone was never really part of her plan.

However, the iconic comedian has touched on her romances on rare occasions. While chatting with The New York Times Magazine about the reason she said “I do,” Whoopi revealed settling down with someone was never really part of her plan.

Whoopi claimed though she was 100% dedicated to her three relationships, finding true love never came easy. “I’d be thinking, why don’t I feel the thing that I’m supposed to?” she continued. “If you’re in a relationship, you have to do those things, and it took me a while to figure out that I didn’t want to.”

It wasn’t until the Color Purple star had a moment of understanding that she didn’t need to be married to be happy. “One day … I thought, ‘I don’t have to do this. I don’t have to conform,’” she recalled. “I tried marriage, and it wasn’t for me. You can’t be in marriage because everybody’s expecting you to.”

While each of the Academy Award winner’s weddings ends up in divorce, she couldn’t feel more thankful to have developed the mom of her only daughter, Alex Martin, whom she shares with ex Alvin. To this day, Whoopi believes marriage will never truly work for her, and her role as a mom is the main reason why.

“Whoever comes into my life is never going to be No. 1,” she dished during a panel discussion in September 2019. “The kid is No. 1. Always. And I could never explain that to anyone … That’s my priority, that’s the person I need to pay attention to.”

Seeing Whoopi also has grandkids and great-grandkids, she joked she doesn’t have time for a romantic relationship. “You’re probably going to be ninth now,” the proud matriarch teased said closerweekly.com.

First Husband Alvin Martin (1973-1979)

Whoopi’s first marriage was the longest to her former drug counselor, Alvin Martin. The ex-pair tied the knot in 1973. At the age of 18, she gave birth to their only daughter, Alex, in May 1973. However, the Emmy winner and her former spouse called it quits after six years together in 1979. As per reports, Alvin never remarried after they split.

Second Husband David Claessen (1986-1988)

After getting a divorce from Alvin, Whoopi walked down the aisle for the second time with cinematographer David Claessen in 1986. They were married only for two years and did not have any children before calling it quits in 1988.

Following their divorce, David — who has helped create countless music videos for hit singers like Britney Spears, Travie McCoy, and Jason Mraz — went on to marry his second wife, Karen Green, from 1992 to 2002. Since 2013, he’s been married to his third wife, Taiye Selasi.

Third Husband Lyle Trachtenberg (1994-1995)

Whoopi’s final marriage came in 1994 to actor and ITSE union organizer Lyle Trachtenberg. Like her previous marriage, they didn’t bear any child and were only wed for a year before calling it quits in 1995.

“It took me some time but I realized that trying to turn myself into something I wasn’t ready for, for a man. Wasn’t his fault. It was mine,” Whoopi told The New York Times Magazine of her three shots at relationships. “My marriages failed and I was the common denominator. My commitment was never that strong. I can say now that I was never really in love.”

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