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Prince William ‘Feared’ For ‘Skinny’ Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton is known for her classic fashion sense and her slim figure. Last year, one tabloid claimed the mom of three was too thin, with Prince William and Queen Elizabeth growing more and more worried by the day.  After the couple made their first post-pandemic in-person appearance together last year at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Life & Style reported that Kate Middleton looked thinner than before lockdown.

The global pandemic, as well as other family issues on top of her royal duties, we’re to blame, an insider explained. “She’s more stressed than ever,” the insider told the outlet, noting that raising three kids during a pandemic was also taking a toll on Middleton. 

“She doesn’t have a minute to herself and is finding it hard to cope. Now her weight has plummeted as a result, and those close to her, including William, are concerned,” the dubious source added. The publication made sure to note the royal’s put-together outside did not match how she was feeling on the inside.

“When Kate’s feeling overwhelmed, she can’t sleep and forgets to eat. She’ll put on a brave front when she’s out in public, but behind closed doors, she’s been terribly irritated and snappy.”

Prince William allegedly was quite concerned for his wife, seeking counsel from his grandmother. “William has secretly consulted with the queen about toning down Kate’s schedule. He’s a hands-on dad anyway but is insisting on taking more responsibilities to free up some time for Kate to look after herself,” the insider continued.

“Kate’s a perfectionist and there are times when she refuses to admit that she’s taking too much on. That’s why William’s organized a romantic vacation so they can spend quality time together without the children. He appreciates all of her efforts and hard work, and William wants Kate to feel better, like her old self, again.”

At the time of publication, Gossip Cop painstakingly went through numerous photos of the hospital event to try and pinpoint what the outlet could have been talking about. We came up empty, finding nothing that resembled anything close to how the rag described her appearance.

She looked elegant and classy, not “stressed” and “overwhelmed.” You clearly can’t believe what this magazine prints, as it also inaccurately said it was the couple’s first post-pandemic outing, which wasn’t the case.

Since this article was published. Life & Style has reported more salacious stories about the Duchess of Cambridge’s body. Earlier this spring, the outlet claimed Prince William was worried about his wife’s supposed anorexia, a report Middleton’s camp denied and was based in lies.

A month later, the rag did not hesitate to call her “overwhelmed” and allege that she was fighting with William. In between the two articles, the outlet ironically printed a story saying Middleton was pregnant with her fourth child. Clearly, the publication knows nothing about Middleton’s real life.

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