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Piers Morgan Criticizes Prince Harry’s Claims of “No Support” Following War Service

The former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has strongly criticized Prince Harry’s statements about lacking support for his mental health struggles after serving in Afghanistan. The controversy stems from the launch of Harry’s new Netflix docu-series, “Heart of Invictus,” where he revealed his battles with mental health after completing two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

According to a report published by OK magazine on Thursday, August 31, 2023, stated that Harry’s candid admission about suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has sparked discussions, with Piers Morgan being one of the prominent voices condemning Harry’s assertions.

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, who spent a decade in the British Army, exposed his mental health struggles in the latest episode of his documentary series. He openly talked about the lack of support he felt from his inner circle and his struggles in identifying his issues.

Particularly, he mentioned that he lacked a strong support structure or expert guidance to help him understand his situation. This revelation follows years of advocacy by both Prince Harry and his brother Prince William, along with the Duchess of Cambridge, for mental health awareness and support through their joint initiative, Heads Together.

However, Piers Morgan has taken issue with Prince Harry’s statements, arguing that they contradict previous statements where Harry acknowledged receiving support from his brother, Prince William. Morgan shared a tweet on the matter and expressed his exasperation with what he perceives as Harry’s tendency to cast himself as a victim. He criticized the prince for what he believed to be exaggerations and distortions, suggesting that Harry was not being truthful about the assistance he received.

The criticism of Prince Harry’s claims highlights the broader debate about the responsibilities of the royal family in providing support and addressing the mental health needs of its members. Some critics argue that given the extensive efforts made by the royal family to destigmatize mental health issues, Prince Harry’s comments seem to undermine those efforts by implying a lack of support.

It’s worth noting that Prince Harry’s mental health journey has been widely documented, with him openly discussing the impact of his mother’s tragic death on his emotional well-being. The loss of Princess Diana and its subsequent effects have been a central theme in understanding Prince Harry’s personal struggles.

The reaction from Piers Morgan adds an additional layer to the ongoing discussions about the royal family’s dynamics, mental health advocacy, and the challenges faced by individuals who serve in the military. As opinions continue to diverge on this matter, the focus remains on the broader conversation surrounding mental health support, especially for individuals who have experienced the strains of military service.

Piers Morgan’s criticism of Prince Harry’s claims of “no support” after serving in Afghanistan has ignited a new wave of discussions about mental health, royal responsibilities, and personal accountability. While Harry’s openness about his mental health journey is commendable, the contrasting viewpoints emphasize the complexities of such conversations, particularly within the context of the British royal family. As public figures, their statements and actions are bound to evoke diverse reactions, further underscoring the need for nuanced dialogue on these critical issues.

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