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North Yorkshire’s On the Lookout for Their Next Top Cop

In light of Chief Constable Lisa Winward’s upcoming retirement in March 2024, North Yorkshire’s Police Fire, and Crime Commissioner, Zoë Metcalfe, has kickstarted the hunt for the next Chief Constable. Winward’s decision to step down will leave a pivotal position empty, requiring swift action to ensure a seamless leadership transition.

Commissioner Metcalfe, the elected authority overseeing policing, fire, and crime in York and North Yorkshire, is tasked with both appointing the Chief Constable and ensuring their commitment to service delivery.

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Her recent consultations with significant bodies such as His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary & Fire and Rescue Services, The College of Policing, and The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, have guided her to publicly declare the recruitment strategies in motion.

Stressing the gravity of the appointment, Metcalfe commented, “Given the imminent retirement of Lisa Winward, it’s imperative to kickstart the selection process. Our goal is to guarantee visionary leadership for North Yorkshire Police during critical times.”

She added that while she holds the ultimate decision, her choices are backed by expert consultations. Metcalfe’s mission is clear: to ensure that York and North Yorkshire receive the premier police service they rightfully deserve. “Leading North Yorkshire Police is a golden opportunity for any aspiring police leader, and I’m committed to ensuring we have a robust pool of candidates through a stringent selection process,” she remarked.

Further details on the recruitment process and timeline are expected to be released soon.

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