Here’s Why An Italian Brand Has Sued Kendall Jenner For $1.8 Million

The Italian brand Liu Jo is suing Kendall Jenner and has filed a complaint at the US district court in Manhattan on 2 August, after she allegedly breached her modeling contract, as per a report by E! News.

The brand has reportedly asked for $1.8 million in a lawsuit, holding damages over a delayed photoshoot due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lio Jo has claimed that Kendall didn’t turn up for the second of the two organized photoshoots.

The suit also states that she had completed the first shoot in July 2019, for which they paid her $1.35 million by February 2020. The second shoot was to be held in London in March 2020 but was delayed due to prevailing travel restrictions.

According to the lawsuit, both parties agreed to reschedule the photoshoot in fall but failed to confirm a new date, and Kendall allegedly eventually “ceased responding to Liu Jo” until the company “informed her that it considered her in breach of the contract and that, therefore, the contract was terminated.” The complaint added that the company filed the suit after “having no success in obtaining a refund” Jenner allegedly owes.

Liu Jo reportedly added that after Jenner proposed to shoot in October, the company discovered that she “would be traveling to Italy in September 2020 to perform a photo shoot for a different designer.”

The complaint reportedly includes a link to a Metro UK article, seemingly showing Jenner at a Versace shoot in September 2020 while she was in Milan, Italy for Fashion Week.

Jenner allegedly “continued to fail to respond to urgent requests and communications relating to the logistics” of the proposed October shoot and Liu Jo claimed to have told her “she was in breach of her obligations under the agreement.” Two days later, the model told the company that it was “impossible” for her to travel to Italy that fall and that she was not in breach of her contract.

A spokesperson for The Society Management, which represents Jenner, told E! News that the lawsuit “is without merit.” The spokesperson further stated that Jenner kept offering alternative dates to Liu Jo and the project was delayed because of the pandemic.

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