Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez are ‘back on’ after having trouble in paradise

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez may have had some trouble in paradise for a brief period but the two are now back on.

According to sources close to the pair, the Hustlers star and the former baseball shortstop are staying together and are doing all they can to work out their issues.

“Jennifer and Alex are going to stay together. They’re completely back on and are doing their best to work things out. It’s not been an easy road, but they are committed to it,” said the source to HollywoodLife.

“Their lives are so intertwined in their businesses and with the kids that it was really worth it to them to put in the work and make it happen.”

“They really love each other’s children and are one big, giant family and that’s hard to find. They both realize that. There’s still a lot that needs to be done, but Jennifer has made it clear she does not want to lose Alex,” the insider shared.

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