Ivanka Shows Off Her Perfect Abs As The Investigation Gets Faster Against Her Father

Trump’s humiliating departure is prolonging since last year. It is getting worst not better. It seems as though everyone from California to Timbucktu has some sort of lawsuit or investigation raging against him, now that he’s no longer enjoying the blanket protection offered by the presidency, as Poli News reported.

One more summons was issued along with several investigations against him when Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance subpoenaed Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School regarding upwards of $500,000 in tuition fees. It’s been imagined that this change is part of the DA’s office’s effort to get Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer and one of Donald’s nearby own friends, to turn on the ex-president.

The issue isn’t going to resolve soon for Donald Trump. It feels that Trump hasn’t stopped his favorite daughter from living a nice, quiet life down in Miami, where she and her family relocated after losing the elections.

It has been observed that  Sunshine State Ivanka’s worry as the Daily Mail caught snapshots her soaking up the sun while on a stroll with husband Jared Kushner, seemingly flaunting her toned abs in a crop top/sports bra and a pair of matching leggings.

Ivanka and her hubby look as happy-go-lucky as could be, almost lost in their little world, as they strolled the beach near their new apartment with Secret Service agents following them closely behind.

The Daily Mail was quick to notice Ivanka’s toned tummy that could be seen between her cropped top and skin-tight leggings — a frankly quite impressive tummy for someone who’s given birth to three children. But then again, mine would be too if I were living off daddy’s dime.

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