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Prince Harry ‘Kept Waiting’ Over Permission to Visit Queen’s Grave – And on One Condition

Duke of Sussex Pays Private Tribute to Late Grandmother During Brief UK Visit. Windsor, UK – In a poignant and private moment, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, made a brief visit to Windsor last week to pay his respects at the grave of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, at St George’s Chapel. However, the Duke’s visit was not without its share of behind-the-scenes drama, as he was required to adhere to a strict condition in order to gain permission for the visit.

Prince Harry, who was in the UK to attend the WellChild Awards in London on September 7, managed to carve out some time on September 8, the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, to visit her final resting place. According to reports from The Telegraph, Buckingham Palace initially kept the Duke “waiting” regarding permission for the visit.

According to reports by Express on Monday, September 11, 2023, the condition imposed on Prince Harry by Buckingham Palace was clear: the visit had to remain entirely private. This meant that there were to be no official announcements or media coverage of the Duke’s visit to his grandmother’s grave.

Despite efforts to keep the visit discreet, an observant passer-by spotted Prince Harry outside St George’s Chapel and shared an image of him online, leading to widespread speculation and discussion on social media.

Royal editor Victoria Ward, writing in The Telegraph, noted that while Prince Harry’s visit may not have remained entirely under wraps, he cherished the time he spent in quiet remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II. The Duke’s visit was a deeply personal and heartfelt tribute to the late monarch, who passed away at Balmoral Castle on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96.

The Duke’s relationship with the British royal family has been marked by moments of tension and reconciliation in recent years. However, his desire to pay his respects to his beloved grandmother underscored the enduring connections that bind him to his royal heritage.

Queen Elizabeth II’s passing marked the end of an era in British history, and Prince Harry’s visit to her grave served as a poignant reminder of the bonds of family and tradition that continue to shape his life, even as he pursues a more private and independent path.

While the Duke’s visit may not have remained entirely private, it was undoubtedly a deeply personal and emotional moment for him as he paid tribute to the woman who played a central role in his life and the history of the United Kingdom.

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