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Prince Harry dragged for demanding to meet King Charles during UK visit

Prince Harry has faced criticism for insisting on seeing his ailing father, King Charles, during a brief visit to the UK for the Invictus Games anniversary. The Duke of Sussex released a public statement upon his arrival, informing the public that he would not be able to meet with the monarch due to King Charles’s busy schedule.

The statement prompted backlash, with some accusing Harry of trying to gain public sympathy. However, during a discussion on GB News, royal expert and biographer Angela Levin, along with host Tom Harwood, weighed in on the matter. Harwood defended the Duke, arguing that King Charles “could have made time” to see his son, considering the circumstances.

Levin disagreed with the host and said, “I really hate it when I hear people saying that. He has just been allowed to go out, he’s still having a lot of care because he has cancer. And you don’t do that to a King.” “Harry’s actually tried to make his visit impossible. He’s done it two or three times by giving no time before he comes over, not saying when he’s going to be there,” she added.

“He also keeps on saying he wants apologies before they have a proper conversation, and he often bullies his father for money.” Blaming Meghan Markle for Harry’s changed behavior, the expert said the Duke was not like this before marrying her. “I was with him for 15 months in 2017 to write his biography, he was lovely. He was very flexible,” she added. “But since he’s got married, he is not flexible.” “He’s demanding and he gets angry and he won’t give in. He won’t agree to compromise.” 

Levin acknowledged the complexities of the situation, noting the strained relationship between Harry and the rest of the royal family. She pointed out that the King’s busy schedule and concerns about privacy and security may have contributed to his decision not to meet with Harry.

Despite the mixed reactions, Prince Harry’s desire to see his father highlights the ongoing tensions within the royal family. The strained relationship between the Duke of Sussex and the monarchy continues to draw public attention and remains a source of speculation and controversy.

As the royal family navigates these challenges, King Charles faces the difficult task of balancing his public duties with family loyalty. How the monarch addresses the criticisms surrounding his relationship with Harry remains to be seen, but the situation serves as a reminder of the complexities within the royal family.

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