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Beauty Expert Transforms Hair Using Simple Egg Mask, Rediscovering Childhood Secret for Shine and Softness

A beauty expert has shared her secret to maintaining luscious hair, a homemade concoction she once detested during her childhood. Utilizing a simple two-ingredient mix, she transforms her hair, giving it a glossy shine and a silky touch.

Known as Shonda Ann on TikTok, where she’s amassed a following of nearly 8,000 for her practical tips, she recently shared her disdain turned appreciation for unusual hair treatment. In a video, she appears less than thrilled as she applies a viscous, yellow blend to her hair, recalling her initial revulsion at her mother’s egg-based hair rituals.

“I found it repulsive when my mom used eggs in her hair back when I was young,” she remarked. “And here I am, not much has changed, except I’d now prefer eggs in my hair over my face.” Contrary to her mother’s method of combining eggs with mayonnaise for enhanced hair softness and sheen, Shonda opts for an oil blend. She attests to the mask’s efficacy in nurturing hair health, enhancing softness, and preventing dullness.

In a subsequent tutorial, she demonstrates the application process of this natural hair remedy, though she stops short of specifying the oil used. However, a glimpse of Maka Mahabhringaraj oil, a product praised on Amazon for its hair-enriching properties, hints at her choice.

Shonda elaborates on her routine, starting with an egg treatment at the hair tips before addressing the roots, followed by a thorough oil application. She recommends leaving the mixture on for 30 to 60 minutes before washing, blow-drying, and straightening.

Her videos have attracted considerable attention, sparking discussions among viewers who’ve also experimented with egg hair masks. Eggs, rich in vital nutrients like vitamins A, E, biotin, and folate, are celebrated for their hair health benefits. Studies suggest that egg yolk treatments can combat hair loss, and brittleness, and stimulate growth, with noticeable results after several weeks of consistent use.

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