Does Cell Phone Cause Hair Loss? The Truth is Out!

Does cell phone cause hair loss? Scientists around the world have finally taken this question seriously and are busy researching. Several reports have already been published. They talk about how cell phones can cause problems in the mind and body.

It is not a hidden fact that cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can harm us.

There is some evidence that cell phones can cause skin problems such as irritation, rash, acne, or rash. Mood swings can also occur. There may be cramps in the legs and feet, cramps and weakness of the muscles, and pain in the joints.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are over 15 study reports showing how electromagnetic radiation affects different parts of the body, including the heart, lungs, genitals (if you carry your smartphone in your pocket every day), ears, eyes and even the digestive system.

And yes, hold your breath, cell phones have been reported to be causing hair loss!

Cell Phones and Hormones

For those still wondering, “cell phones cause hair loss,” there is evidence that cell phones affect the circadian patterns of pituitary and adrenal hormones. They affect the progesterone, estrogen and melatonin levels.

A study shows that radiation exposure of 10 percent of the safety limit affects the sperm.

All of these studies come to one point: Cell phones can interfere with the hormones in the body.

And when this happens, hair loss can undoubtedly occur, as there are already studies showing that hormonal imbalances affect hair growth.

What if my hair is already falling out from cell phone radiation?

Stop putting your phone directly on your ears while speaking.

You can use any of the top 10 DHT blocker supplements to help combat hair loss. This is because, as experts have pointed out, excessive phone use can disrupt your hormones. DHT is also a hormone. Its presence in the follicles leads to hair problems.

What’s the general solution?

Fight cell phone addiction before it causes terrible health problems, including hair loss.

• Avoid holding your phone close to your body.

• Don’t sleep with him. Keep it more than 10 meters from the bed.

• Use headphones when you speak for long periods of time.

• Avoid having it in your pants and shirt pockets every day.

• Change your phone from time to time.

You may think your cell phone is your best friend.

Probably not, say experts.

Get a pet instead!

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