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King Charles Shares Humor and Heart during Visit to Military College

King Charles recently brought a light-hearted spirit to his visit at the 3 Royal School of Military Engineering in southern England, where he joked about being “allowed out of my cage” to meet with military personnel and their families. This marked one of his first public engagements since returning to duties after a battle with cancer.

During his visit, the King expressed his enthusiasm and relief at being able to engage directly with the soldiers and their families. “I do apologise for taking you by surprise, but when this opportunity appeared and I had been allowed out of my cage, I wanted to come and see,” he humorously remarked. His comment was met with a warm response, as one soldier mentioned there had been a “palpable buzz” in anticipation of his arrival, reported by Reuters.

King Charles took the time to personally greet attendees, engaging in conversations about their service and experiences. One notable interaction was with a couple who shared that they had served together in Afghanistan, reflecting the personal sacrifices and commitments of those in service.

Children were also delighted by his presence, with one group presenting him with a card. The King charmingly interacted with a young girl about the artwork on the card, praising the teacher who drew it and playfully inquiring about the girl’s name among the list of students.

This visit came shortly after Buckingham Palace announced that the 75-year-old monarch was “greatly encouraged” to resume his public duties. His nephew, Peter Phillips, also shared in a television interview that the King had been eager to get back to work, despite frustrations with the slow pace of his recovery.

The engagement at the military college was part of a busy schedule for King Charles, which included hosting a garden party at Buckingham Palace the previous day. However, his packed agenda meant that he could not meet with his younger son, Prince Harry, who was also visiting the UK from California. A spokesperson for Prince Harry stated that a reunion was “not be possible due to his majesty’s full programme“.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry kept himself occupied by visiting bereaved military children in London, where he engaged in games and discussions, providing support to them and their families.

King Charles’s commitment to his royal duties and his approachable demeanor at the military college showcased his dedication to service and his ability to connect with people from all walks of life, including those serving the country and their families.

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