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Buckingham Palace’s Jam Ad Sparks Social Media Stir Days After Meghan Markle’s Release

Buckingham Palace may have stirred up a subtle social media frenzy with its latest product advertisement. Just days after Meghan Markle introduced her own strawberry jam through her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, the Buckingham Palace Shop released a promotional video for their own strawberry preserve, sparking speculation of a royal shade.

The palace’s official Instagram account for its gift shop posted a video on Wednesday, showcasing their strawberry jam, described as “made using only the finest berries and delicious served in a variety of ways,” complete with a strawberry emoji. The ad recommended enjoying the jam on scones, crumpets, croissants, and toast, featuring a woman indulging in these treats. Followers were even invited to comment on their favorite ways to enjoy the preserve, told by People.

However, the timing of the post did not go unnoticed by royal enthusiasts, with some seeing it as a dig at the Duchess of Sussex’s recent venture. Comments ranged from amused to supportive of the palace’s effort. “Is it just me that loves the subtle shade,” remarked one user, while another exclaimed, “I’m dying at the timings of this ad.” Others praised the marketing tactic, with one noting, “And that’s how you promote a product.”

The playful banter continued, with references to Markle’s residence in Montecito, California, where she lives with Prince Harry and their children. “Wait, Did the Palace just subtly troll Ms. Montecito?!” one commenter quipped, highlighting the geographical and perhaps competitive distance between the two establishments.

Social media users even joked about the intensity of the rivalry, with remarks like “Buckingham Palace over Montecito any day,” and “The Jam war across the ocean.” One user humorously added, “Plates are flying in Montecito.”

The Buckingham Palace Shop is no stranger to marketing royal-themed products, featuring an array of items from preserves to chinaware and spirits, available at their various locations and online. Meanwhile, Markle’s brand seems poised to expand, having recently ventured into cosmetics and gardening, besides the initial offering of jams and food spreads.

Markle had launched the Instagram account for American Riviera Orchard on March 14, with no grand announcement from her or Prince Harry. She introduced the strawberry jam by sending samples to friends, including fashion designer Tracy Robbins and Delfina Blaquier, wife of polo star Nacho Figueras, who shared their gifts on social media.

With the original trademark application filed in February covering a wide range of products, and subsequent filings expanding even further, Markle’s brand promises more than just food items. However, with the jam not yet available for purchase, interested buyers are encouraged to join a waitlist on the brand’s website, eagerly anticipating its official release amidst the buzzing royal jam saga.

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