Prince Harry to exit as Invictus Games has lost ‘original meaning’

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is facing calls to step down from his role at the Invictus Games amid criticisms that he has not fulfilled the commitments he originally promised. As a founder of the Games and a former army officer, Prince Harry has been a pivotal figure in this international event, which was designed to empower and inspire wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women through sports. However, some believe that since his departure from the United Kingdom and his official royal duties, he has not maintained the standards or the spirit expected of him.

The Invictus Games, founded by Prince Harry in 2014, has been a beacon of hope and recovery for many veterans around the world. The event not only provides a platform for physical rehabilitation but also fosters a sense of community and support among veterans and their families. Prince Harry’s military background and his personal commitment to the welfare of other veterans have been instrumental in the success and global recognition of the Games.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, royal expert Tom Quinn said: “Having founded the Invictus Games in 2014 in partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Harry hates the idea of cutting his ties to an event in which he has a genuine personal interest, but many people in the military would dearly like him to just go away.”

Meanwhile, GB News host Mark Dolan claimed: “About 2,000 ex-military have left the games, as they say it’s lost its original meaning. There are some former veterans who would like Harry to step down.”

Quinn added: “He broke all the unwritten rules of his old regiment by publicly discussing the fact that he had killed 25 enemy combatants while serving as an attack helicopter pilot in Afghanistan in 2012-2013. If you’ve served in the military, you just don’t do this – apart from anything else it endangers the lives of serving soldiers.”

However, since stepping back from his royal responsibilities and relocating to the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s involvement and alignment with the original values of the Invictus Games have come under scrutiny. Critics argue that his move and subsequent actions have distanced him from the core principles and commitments of the Invictus community. They contend that his current lifestyle and choices do not reflect the dedication and ethos expected of someone who leads an institution as significant as the Invictus Games.

The calls for his resignation stem from a broader discussion about accountability and the authenticity of public figures who lead charitable organizations. Stakeholders and veterans associated with the Invictus Games might feel that Prince Harry’s ability to effectively represent and advocate for the Invictus community could be compromised by his perceived detachment from the military and veteran affairs.

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