5 Exfoliating Tips for Your Face

There are many exfoliating scrubs available for the body, but what about the face? Facial exfoliation plays an important role in keeping the skin clean. Regular facial exfoliation cleanses the skin and reduces the clogged pores on the skin. Natural exfoliate removes skin impurities and also makes the face glow.

Listed below are some exfoliating tips, read on.

1. Wash your face properly

It is important to wash your face before you start the process of exfoliation. Washing the face opens clogged pores on the skin. When you apply a scrub on the face, the results will be great. This is an important step in facial exfoliation. Use a good face wash for cleansing your face.

2. Use a good scrub

Use a good scrub for your face to exfoliate your face gently. Make your face wet and then apply a small amount of scrub on both cheeks. Now, gently exfoliate your face using your fingers. This should be done in a circular motion. This step helps to remove all the dirt and impurities from facial skin. Use a scrub that is gentle on the skin. If you have oily skin, then use a mild scrub for exfoliating your face.

3. Use a natural exfoliate

If you are worried about the damage scrubs cause to the skin, then you always have an option of natural exfoliates. Use sugar and lemon for this. Take three tablespoons of sugar and add a dash of lemon juice to it. Wash your face with cold water. Now, apply this mixture to your face and gently scrub it. This will help to cleanse your facial skin to make it smooth and soft. This exfoliate will also remove blackheads and dirt from the skin pores. It’s the best natural exfoliate for the skin.

4. Be careful of scrubs on the face

Facial skin is sensitive as compared to the body. Be careful while applying a scrub on the face. Do not use harsh scrubs on the face. Do not use scrubs that have granules in them, this can also damage your facial skin. Gentle and natural products work best for facial skin.

5. Do not over exfoliate

Facial skin is soft and sensitive. Do not over-exfoliate facial skin by using a scrub every day or every alternate day. For best results, use a scrub once or twice a week. Using exfoliating regularly can also cause damage to the Ph balance of the skin. Use a product depending on skin suitability, because that plays the most important part.

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